12th German-Japanese Environment and Energy Dialogue Forum

The 12th German-Japanese Environment and Energy Dialogue Forum takes place on September 06-07, 2022. Experts from politics, business and science will discuss the role of cities and municipalities towards the net zero society.

At COP 26 in Glasgow, strategies and roadmaps have been discussed to make the global economy GHG neutral by middle of this century. As technological and innovation leaders, Germany and Japan are heading the global ‘race to zero’. The German-Japanese Environment and Energy Dialogue Forum (EEDF) has functioned as a platform for intensive exchange and discussion among stakeholders from politics, industry and academia in both countries on key environment and energy related issues. At the past EEDFs, the integration of Renewable Energies, energy storage and the pathways to decarbonization of the mobility sector and the industry have been addressed. This time, the 12th edition of the EEDF will focus on the role of cities and municipalities on the way to ‘net zero’. More than 90% of the population in Japan and 75% of the German population lives in cities. Urban infrastructures are significantly affected by climate change. Cities – metropolitan areas as well as municipalities - can provide an answer to effects of climate change and make a significant contribution to reducing GHG emissions. Many cities in Japan and Germany have already set ambitious targets for climate neutrality and activities for the transition to climate-friendly, resilient and livable cities.

The 12th Environment and Energy Dialogue Forum to be held in Tokyo on September 6 and 7, 2022 will provide an insight into political measures to support cities on their way to ‚net zero’. Stakeholders from cities and municipalities as well as industry and academia will present examples of concepts, good practice, demonstration projects and innovative technologies in Germany and Japan for smart grids, urban RE and H2 usage, mobility concepts, district heating, urban circular economy and more. 

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